Thursday, January 03, 2008


IntercoolerWork on the engine has taken a bit of a back seat recently, this is set to change.

The next engine project on the list is to sort out the intercooler, this is on the heels of the turbo refurbishment last year.

By way of a reminder, the turbo is effectively a compressor, compressing the air coming into the engine. The exhaust pressure is what drives the turbo, sort of like you would push a revolving door in a big building.

As air is compressed it heats up. Hot air is less dense than cool air so to some extent this reduces the effectiveness of the compression.

This is where the intercooler comes in. Sea water is pumped through pipes which run through the blue box you can see just the other side of the turbo, where the air is compressed. The cool sea water running through this box then cools the compressed air, making it more dense. This blue box is the intercooler by the way.

More, dense, air into the engine means more power and in turn means more exhaust gasses with which to push the turbo even faster, compressing even more air, making the engine run progressively more efficiently.

And so the cycle continues.

Now the problem with my intercooler is, I believe, the box itself has been gummed up over the years so now the necessary volumes of air simply cannot get through the box fast enough.

All it should need is opening up and a jolly good clean of the insides....


  1. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I have had to clean my intercooler's once and will have to do it again this year. :((

    Mine happen to get oil in them and the opening is not very big to start with.

    Bill Kelleher
    46" Bertram motoryacht
    Toledo, Ohio USA

  2. Hi Bill

    Thanks for the comment.

    I'm hoping this will be a straightforward job, but for some reason have built this up in my mind as being a huge task.