Thursday, January 31, 2008

Battery update

Battery updateSo a number of people had asked me to let them know how I was getting on with the battery refresher experiment of mine.

The 12V battery refresher "reverse feeds a small electrical pulse back into the battery which prevents and also reverses sulphation on the battery plates" according to Sterling Power from whom I bought their Pro-Pulse.

I can report that it has been a success, my battery bank is definitely holding it's charge better.

It did take a while to see an improvement in performance, but that was exactly as predicted.

I've been so impressed with the positive results, that I've gone out and bought myself a second refresher.

Now the entire 24V battery bank is looked after automatically.


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    If that is your refreshers sitting on top of your battries, that is NOT the best place for them because of sulfuric acid fumes from charging will corrode them.

    Bill Kelleher
    46' Bertram Motoryacht
    Toledo, Ohio USA

  2. Hi Bill

    Oops, well spotted. I had not realised that would be a problem.

    I'll move them from the 'temporary' location soonest.



  3. Hi Tim I am sure that Bill is right, but I purchase one from a different company and they supplied it with very short leads for purposes of its performance which didnt allow it to be placed in a better position! :o(( It works well though even though I have blown the fuse on one occasion :o))thanks for pointing me in the direction of these bits of kit!

  4. Hi Rob

    Actually, if you look closely you will see I had to extend the wires on both of the refreshers.

    Oh, and mine aren't fused.


  5. Interesting! worth having, although I think I will take the battery clips off (bolt type) and fit crocodile clips in stead so its easier to move it from connection to connection etc.

  6. Rob

    The clips idea is one I wish I had thought of.