Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas lights

Christmas lightsSo, with Fred's help, I got the Christmas lights up on Lady Jane.

These are bigger, better, lights than last years.

Last years lights did not really show up that well from a distance, these have so much more of an impact.

The down side of the superior Christmas lights on the boat is that they drain so much more power, such that with the heating on as well I have to run the generator to keep things going.

The original plan was to just leave them on, with a timer switch. Sadly with that much power drain it's not really practical.

Ah well, always a compromise...


  1. Fred (wwr)11:26 AM

    Do I detect a completed port side paint job? Merry Christmas to you, the lights look nice.

  2. Hi Fred

    Nearly there, the capricious weather is working to prevent me finishing it all in 2007.