Monday, December 03, 2007

Bow primed

Bow primedSo that's it, the rust busting on the port bow completed - at least the bits I can get to.

Here you see the bow with a first coat of primer down below, and that second coat of primer, the grey, up above.

There is still a big patch to be done that's in the shadow of the crane barge, that will need to be done after Lady Jane is turned around again.

Before I turn Lady Jane though, there is a small section of rust busting and painting to be done on the starboard stern and a tiny spot midships somewhere.

Not long now and the hull section above the waterline will all be the same colour - for the first time in years and years


  1. Anonymous5:31 AM

    zmkzntwWhere is the original waterline in that picture? And are you going to reballast to bring down to the old level?

  2. Hi zmkzntw

    Thanks for the comment.

    I don't really know exactly where the old waterline is, except from old photographs, but I know I need much more ballast to trim her up level.

    Right now though, with the price of metal as it is in the UK, I simply cannot afford the luxury of trim ballast.