Friday, November 23, 2007

Paint experiments

Paint experimentsPaint has two functions - to make Lady Jane look good and, more importantly, to keep the rust at bay.

I'm continuing my paint experiments with various combinations of paint to try to find a happy medium between ease of application, price of paint and the longevity of the job once it's done.

I've discovered the bitumen paint works great for protecting against rust, but is messy to work with and tends to go dull after it has been in the sun for a while.

The big advantage of bitumen paint is that it's very cheap, however it's not practical to paint anything else straight over it without some kind of 'insulating' coat. By chance I found Rustroy seems to do this rather well.

Here, on the legs of the gallows, I'm trying a few coats of some cheap primer and will coat that with regular outdoor paint from my local hardware store - just to see how this compares with the coats I've put on elsewhere.

I'm planning on testing some of the very expensive primer I bought on the deckhead you can see in the top right hand side of the picture, as this is constantly under attack from condensation in the cold weather.

The learning never stops.

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