Friday, November 02, 2007

Engine room work

Engine room worksThere is nothing like a coat of white paint to brighten things up.

The freshly white back walls in Lady Jane's engine room demonstrate that fact very clearly.

Most of this work is down to Fred, who has cheerfully set about the task in hand. Make no mistake, this is a slow and surprisingly physically demanding job.

As the place improves, so I'm more motivated to keep going with the painting.

The results make the engine room a so much better place to be in than it ever was.


  1. Fred (WWR)10:50 PM

    What a task that must be, painting the white without getting it all over the other stuff.

    Looks good !!

  2. I thought it looked pretty good anyway,so now it must be starting to look quite splendid !

  3. You are going to need some sort of intercom with a klaxon sound effect so you can pretend you are living in a 1940's war movie!

  4. Hi Fred

    It's down to Fred's painting skills!



  5. Hi Andrew

    A long way to go yet!

  6. Hi Litoralis

    Yeah, one of those speaking tubes with the whistle would be good!

  7. Looking great Tim and, as you know, it is in your best interest to keep that INDUSTRIE main engine in fine condition. A modern engine that would be required to propel LJ would probably consume 25-40 GPH!!! Your wonderful vintage INDUSTRIE will use 5-7 GPH to do the same job!