Friday, October 19, 2007

Wheelhouse radiator

Wheelhouse radiatorThere is still work to do on the heating system, something I suppose will never be finished until the whole boat is properly done throughout.

Here you see the wheelhouse radiator in the process of being plumbed in.

You can see the relative sizes of the old, gas, heater and the new radiator.

That gas heater could only just keep the place warm, so I'm expecting great things of the new radiator.

I got the new radiator all mounted, all the pipe work plumbed in and routed down to the main feed for the central heating, then realised I was short one tee piece to connect the whole lot together.

Doh! Ah well, Just one more thing to finish off.


  1. Won't that wheel get a bit hot when the radiator is on?

  2. Hi Litoralis

    I hope so!

  3. melissa10:50 AM

    looking at the wheel tim,can i have a new one?made of wood with a nice brass king pin (centre spoke)Hmmm!i can see it now!!!
    regards john
    ps using melissas computor!!

  4. Hi John

    It's the detail, like a proper wooden wheel, that will be the hard bit.

  5. Won't holding on to the hot wheel be a bit difficult?

  6. Hi Litoralis

    Initial tests indicate the wheel is fine with the heating on at full blast.

    Warm, but not hot as there is a fair gap between the two, plus the steel conducts heat away anyway.