Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rain cowl

Rain CowlSo that's the rain cowl for the central heating system finally welded in.

I think the picture came out looking quite good in the end.

The fact that the rain cowl was put in at all was all down to Fred's encouragement. Left to my own devices, I would have sloped off for an afternoon nap!

I had originally planned to just bolt it on, not having the confidence to weld that thin stainless steel plate.

In the end, the steel where the rain cowl was to go turned out to be overplated (new steel simply welded over rusty steel below), so I had little option but to weld the cowl in place.

Bolting it would not have worked at all as it would never have made a proper seal against the rain etc.

Next I'll need to seal the joins in the rest of the pipework with silicone sealer, and put in a series of self tapping screws to hold the lot securely in place.

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