Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Painting progress

Painting progressThe recent spelll of good weather has meant huge progres on the painting front.

Here you see a coat of grey up on Lady Jane's port bow.

That bald patch down the bottom there really stands out now doesn't it?

Not long now and I'll get to rust bust that section as well.

Getting an initial coat of primer on has to be the most satisfying of all the painting jobs on the boat, asides maybe for that final coat of finishing paint.


  1. It's remarkable how much the steel plates have been pushed inwards by what I assume must have been years of plowing through heavy seas.

  2. Hi Litoralis

    It is amazing. I suspect it's a combination of heavy seas and maybe some careless docking from time to time.

    What has astounded me is how much the 'hungry horse' look shows after she has been painted up.

  3. She's looking good Tim,
    Don't get to cosy inside with all that warmth!!!
    How is the battery reconditioner going.