Thursday, October 04, 2007


HovercraftSo this hovercraft came past the other day.

No it's not the start of a joke, it really did swing by past Lady Jane.

Now piloting that looks like a load of fun to me, though I'm not sure what the fuel bill must be like.

I've always found hovercraft to be fascinating.


  1. At least it would just bounce off !!!

  2. The American Marines use a lot of them for estuarine and wetlands assault and troop movement, but we seem to have abandoned them now! No more do the cross channel versions ply their trade from Dover and I think that the IOW crossing ones are doomed to the scrapyard sooner rather than later! I had the pleasure of sitting in the seat of a large version in the channel, with the four jet engines. From the greenhouse type, literally, cabin you could look back out over a football pitch sized roof with the four turboprop engines on pylons in the corners. Mind you the climb up the spindly ladder to the cabin, over the full height of the car decks stopped me dead as I thought that I would just have to walk up some nicely carpeted stairs somewhere!

  3. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Yes they are great fun to fly.. I made a 1 man one for my 'A' Level course, it was good practice for driving on ICE!!!

    Rob Dunne

  4. michael john hardwick5:57 PM

    you should have your head down painting not staring at unnatural craft.
    regards john

  5. Hi John

    No worries - I've been hard at it!