Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rust busting

Rust bustingThe hot water and central heating system is now in and working, though not complete yet (flue rain cowl and more radiators to do).

Anyway, with the immediate hot water issues out of the way, attention is now focused back on rust busting the hull.

The picture shows progress at the stern. Here you can see that I've rust busted the top section all the way back to the newly painted bit at the stern.

The observant amongst you will also note the progress I've made, with Fred's help, getting a coat of white primer a good way towards the stern.

I'm motivated to finish off rust busting the rest of this stern section, down as far as I can reach towards the waterline, and just need some co-operation from the weather,


  1. Hello !
    Talked whit Wymark and they
    said Rustroy has come to its
    "end of life" due to new laws.
    Thougt You would kow it

  2. I'm sorry to hear it - it was a great product.



  3. Good Morning
    They still have in stock but
    when emty it´s emty.....
    Found this :

    Seems to be about the same.