Monday, September 03, 2007

Radiator installation

So I knew I had to install a radiator in the space above the engine room, by the shower room, what I had not thought through was just how I would do it.

Radiator installationBefore starting this phase of the boat central heating installation, I had that all too familiar dawning realisation that things were not going to be all that straightforward.

I first had to put in battens and insulation, covered by plywood and then painted before I could finally mount the radiator.

No point in just hanging the radiator on an un-insulated outside wall is there?

I know me. If I don't do a job properly the first time, it will be forever before it finally does get done. If ever.

Obviously there is more insulation and panelling to go in, but that can be done later.


  1. Good job tim! I entirely agree with your thinking, do a quick cheap job and there will always be something more important to do before you do it properly, in actual fact it, inevitably, will stand there for ever a thorn in an otherwise proffessional side.

  2. Fred (WWR)2:19 AM

    Looking good Tim!! How long before you move in full time?

  3. Hi Rob

    Thanks for that.

    The same applies to tools - buy cheap, buy twice.



  4. Hi Fred

    Welcome back!

    It's going to be a while as I need to get the stern accommodation fitted out before moving on is practical.

    That and a washing machine on board.