Thursday, September 06, 2007

Heating wiring

Heating wiringSo that's the wiring for the heating system and it's various sensors and controls all connected up.

Andy, before you have a heart attack, I promise I'll label them all and tidy the cables up with the new cable ties I just bought (I then almost immediately found the missing cable ties I already had).

The wiring has proved to be relatively straightforward, with that 'pre programmed' junction box making life a lot easier than it otherwise could have been.

I must say I've blindly followed the directions, and have not yet taken the time to sit down and logically work through how the whole lot works for myself. Though I may never get round to doing that.

I've not switched the system on yet, wanting to get the diesel piping connected and at least the first radiator dressed and plumbed in first.


  1. Whoa! I`m impressed! Good job Tim.

  2. I'll wait until it's all up and running before I can rest on my laurels!

  3. As I said its not rocket science and I have personally had problems that I couldnt sort out and upon getting an electrician to assist he couldnt sort it either! the problem? it was the pre wired box! a trip to the plumbers merchants and a five minute job and it was up and running so even the so called experts can be wrong. so why should you get it right first time :o)) I bet you do though?