Monday, September 17, 2007

Farewell QE2

So we took a special trip down to Southampton Water, to see the Queen Elizabeth 2 off on her 40th anniversary round Britain cruise.

Farewell QE2

In the picture you can see the spray from the monitors of the tug leading the QE2. Look at all those people on board.

Quite some sight to see from way down there in the rib (hbi).

In November next year she will be retired off to Dubai, to become a floating hotel. I bet that last yoyage will have a big send off from Southampton.


  1. Hi Tim

    Just back from Italy ,where the sun was shining and it was nice and warm ,but no boats !
    Good to see you have been nice and busy.
    That shot of the QE 2 must be one of the best I have seen ,what a beautiful ship she is,and how sad that she is going when all the modern ones are so ugly.
    Many years ago I went on a school trip tour of the QE2 when she was brand new and remember being a bit disappointed ,the previous year we did a tour of the Queen Mary when she was retired and she was stunning !!!


  2. Hi Andrew

    I just wish dear old LJ looked as good, but then if she had been painted as much she probably would.