Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Barge conversion

HouseboatWell it's one way of instantly converting a barge into a floating home, this just a short distance down the river from where Lady Jane is moored.

At least this method skips all the messy work below decks, and provides a house on the water with almost no effort at all.

Coming out the front door of a morning seems fraught with all kinds of problems though.

I must say, this would be ideal for living in while actually doing a conversion. Oh the pleasure of somewhere clean, dry and warm to live while all the dirty work is being done.


  1. Yes Tim ,but it's not exactly pretty is it .And you can't go off cruising either.
    For all the hard work LJ is a vessel to be proud of and a damn sight more atractive.


  2. The old lighters have many uses not the least turning them into a thames sailing barge, which incidently has been done and can be seen around the Medway area! all the old derolict barges gear to be found lying about, was used to fit it out and you wouldn`t easilt tell that it had once been a lighter!

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    i feel sorry for who ever lives on the bottom floor, Or is it a bungalow boat.