Monday, September 10, 2007

Andrew visits

LaunchesI had the pleasure of welcoming Andrew Tognola, from the Strathspey II, on board Lady Jane on Saturday.

Andrew arrived just in time to miss a rather impressive parade of launches, such as the ones you see in the picture, making their way up the River Itchen.

After the obligatory tour, we spent a while comparing notes on our various projects.

It is obvious that, although we have many common problems, Andrew has some very different challenges to me.

Update: It looks like the motor yachts in the picture may have been from a Rampart Owners Club outing.


  1. Hi Tim

    Thankyou for a wonderful day on the "Lady Jane " .I must say that for me it was the perfect day (also I apologise for halting progress) ,good weather and good company on a superb ex-trawler where the tea kept flowing and even had smoked salmon on toast for lunch !
    The amount of work you have done over the last three years is very impressive and the Lady Jane is looking very well on it.She is a very fine vessel indeed.
    I shall add some photo's on the Strath's page when I remember to bring my camera to work.
    Thankyou Tim


  2. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for that.

    Not everyone gets the smoked salmon!


  3. michael john hardwick7:04 PM

    i remember getting smoked in the wheelhouse the first time we took her out!!!

  4. Hi John

    It was not so much you getting smoked as getting wet from a dripping wheelhouse cover that I remember, much to my embarrasment!