Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Turbo run

Turbo runI finally got round to getting the right oil for the turbo.

It took some fiddling around to get the oil into both sides of the turbo, and at the right level.

With the oil in, and all the other pre-checks done, with bated breath I started the main engine.

What was immediately obvious was that the air start valve is still stuck. No surprise there.

What was also fairly readily apparent was that the turbo was still not producing any pressure. No real surprises there.

The turbo engineer had said that he thought my problem was most likely the intercooler once he had my turbo in bits and saw it was all looking fine.

So, dismantling and cleaning the intercooler is next, after sorting out that pesky stuck air start valve.

The intercooler is that big blue thing above the turbo. It works by cooling the compressed air which comes out of the turbo, using seawater, so making the air into the main engine more dense and therefore raising the compression ratio and making the engine more efficient.

My suspicion is that the air passages between the cooling pipes which run through the intercooler are all gummed up, so air cannot pass through it as easily as it's supposed to.

We shall see.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I'm starting to enjoy your site more and more...I was in the engine room of the Wanderbird again when she was here and watched/listened to the motor clickity clanking away...as a good engine should...it does the heart good to pause and listen to a well oiled working motor such as yours.They were built to run and last a long time.I was just down to see a friend of mine on his tug heading for Labrador to tow a barge back,he has a Fairbanks Morse OP motor,they rattle a bit when they are older but also reliable,it's the motor I was telling you about on the way to the airport,pistons on top meeting ones one on the bottom thus meeting in the middle for firing/power producing stroke etc etc..Thanks for sharing your adventure into the steel ship world with us.Tony Roberts.

  2. Hi Tony

    Fairbanks Morse looks like an interesting company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairbanks-Morse

    One I've not heard about until you mentioned it.