Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rib fun

Rib funWe have been having such miserable weather this summer, so days when the weather is great I should be painting and rust busting and things.

Here Patch and I take some time off and go for a spin in the rib (HBI).

The picture you see shows us returning up Southampton water, big smiles on our faces.

The trouble is, there have been so few really nice days that I don't want to waste them all working away on Lady Jane.

The justification for taking the rib out for a spin was that 'it needed a run'.

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  1. Good for you Tim! Ribs also need to be moored for a while outside such places as the folly inn Too so that the owners can get a little rejuvenation on a sunday lunchtime and the ribs can breath a little freedom etc!looks like you had a great time. Never be concerned with enjoying yourself in other ways (like taking the rib out) to that of the refurb of the boat. Life isn`t a rehersal it is the real and one time around thing. Thanks for sharing it with us.