Tuesday, August 28, 2007


PlinthHere is the plinth that the central heating system will sit on.

This picture was taken after I'd finished welding it in place, but before cleaning it up and giving it a touch of primer to protect the steel.

I'm quite proud of how this turned out, as I think fabricating this up is an achievement for me in it's own right.

This will provide a solid base for the central heating boiler and the hot water tank to sit on.


  1. now you have got the welding off to a fine art? perhaps you could make a start on a decent skippers cabin complete with a dum waiter straight to the galley and while your knocking it up maybe onsuite!!??

  2. Well, the plinth is a start.

    At least by the time I'm finished this particular project the skippers cabin, when it's done, will be warm and dry.