Thursday, August 30, 2007

A delivery

My new central heating system arrived in a huge box, much to the disgust of the TNT delivery guy who had to get it off his truck and to the front door.

A deliveryAfter a flurry of unpacking, here's what I got from the nice folks at Harworth Heating.

The core of the system is the 17.5KW diesel fired boiler you can see in the front there. This should be more than enough to keep Lady Jane cosy and warm this winter, with plenty of hot water for showers.

To that pile needs to be added piping, connectors, valves, wiring etc. etc. to make the whole thing work.

I've never done anything like this before, so anything could happen.

Oh yes, and I'll need a flue for the exhaust gas.


  1. Hi Tim

    That looks like a very nice boiler.
    I bet your quite happy going into winter this year!!


  2. Hi Andrew

    Just a bit (I hope)!


  3. Blimey, that looks big. Hope it fits in the location you prepared....

    Just remember to label all those pipes and don't forget the flow direction.

  4. Its gonna be fun! you will really get a buzz when it all works! its not rocket science, even the cylinder stats and mechanical 3 position valves are easy to fit. I guess that it will be a pressurised system even if it isn`t a combination boiler, and that the heat exchanger is stainless (or is it cast probably as its diesel fired)? very best of luck you will walk it.

  5. Marcus9:31 PM

    Is there a radiant system in place already (pipes) or is this all from scratch? If it is from scratch are you going to use flexible pex type tubing rather than copper?
    By the way is that on the boat yet, I think I spot a cinder block wall in the background. Boy you have fun a challenge all together I would say ;-)

  6. Anonymous1:10 AM

    Good luck Tim...I just got off the Wanderbird after a lovely trip back from Labrador.I drove to Labrador and joined the ship this past Sunday in a place called Batteau...I guess my balance system will take a couple of days to settle down after a few days rocking & rolling...A GREAT TRIP TO A GREAT LAND WITH GREAT PEOPLE ON A GREAT SHIP...long may she sail.....Tony Roberts

  7. Hi Marcus

    Thanks for the contribution.

    The wole heating system is being done from scratch.

    Lady Jane used to have 110V DC heating, which has all been ripped out.


  8. Hi Rob

    Thanks for the optimism.


  9. Hi Tony

    Good to hear from you again, and especially good to hear news of the Wanderbird.