Monday, August 13, 2007

Cowes fireworks

Cowes fireworksThis Friday night just gone was the end of Cowes week. It's tradition for this to be marked with a massive fireworks display, this year being no exception.

Apparently some two tonnes of fireworks were blown off in just twenty minutes!

I went across with new friends from the marina where I keep my rib. A group of some 12 of us went across in one of their boats - a 40 foot gin palace.

There were literally thousands of boats everywhere around Cowes. A truly amazing sight to see, almost more spectacular than the fireworks display itself.

I would not liked to have been on duty that night John.

I'm amazed to see that the pictures I took came out like they did, as it's not easy taking pictures of fireworks on land let alone rocking about at sea in a small boat.

For my money the best firework was the one which, when set off a few hundred feet up looked like a smiley face.

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