Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coming together

Coming togetherI love it when a plan comes together!

The big black and silver thing you can see is a water tank, bought on eBay and transported somewhat precariously on top of the truck through the streets of Southampton in the dead of night.

That water tank can take 1000 litres (264 US gallons) of water in one shot, so three loads should have Lady Jane's fresh water tank topped off from empty (Thanks for the idea Nigel).

Willcarry 1 has proved itself more than capable of carrying a tonne of water, albeit with the dec awash when sifting it 'on the hip' with the rib through lumpy waters, thus confirming I can transport big stuff to/from Lady Jane in the future without too much of a problem.

Note the finished cleats on the outside edges by the way.

I'm finding it difficult to steer the rib/platform combination, but can at least make it go in a straight(ish) line. Something to perfect with practice I suppose.

Fresh water supplies on the boat have been somewhat of a problem but from here on in I can use the jetwash, shower and generally not worry too much about fresh water anymore.


  1. I'm thinking I want to build a little Willcarry Northwest to tie alongside KJ ~ it'd be a great fishing platform too. Great ideas, Tim!

  2. Try towing a bucket on a short line in the water behind Willcarry, may just give you some steerage?

  3. Hi Jamie

    Life will never be the same once you have a Willcarry!



  4. Hi Rob

    Thanks for that, I'll give it a try next time we are out on a spin.



  5. tim,when towing a barge from alongside the trick is not to be alongside!!! if you place your rib so that the stern overhangs the back of the barge by about a third of the ribs length then secure with a long line to the front a back spring and a stern line across the back of the barge secure the long line so that the rib is bows in slightly and off you go, the trick is that your rib can turn each way and every action you take will have a reaction. i am on tomorrow so if i get a chance i will come up and test you on your new found knowledge!! john

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    What about giving Willcarry1 a rudder?