Monday, August 06, 2007

Back to work

Ok, so now it's back to work.

Back to workThe dark piece you can see is the result of the day's efforts.

Mentally, after a fun break and with such fine weather over the weekend, it's a hard pull to get going again.

Still, some progress has been made, though it looks like I've achieved relatively little in this latest bout of rust busting.

This picture also gives a good impression of how much is left to do at the bow section. I have a sense of déjà vu here.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    The best way to rust bust is sand blasting...did you consider it ???It makes the job fun.Tony Roberts

  2. Hi tim just enjoyed reading about your trip - greatpart of the world I used to pass by it on the way up to the st laurence river while heading upto the great lakes.

    Hey the lady jane is coming on and little bit each day you will soon be done(never finished as its ongoing for life) but you can be pleased we are following its progress. thank you for allowing us to be witness to the transformation.

    Regards John

  3. Hi Tony

    Sand blasting is not an option while she is in the water, and I can't afford to get her out right now.

    I will have to soon to get the bottom done soon, and will probably opt for ultra high pressure water blasting as it seems to be a cleaner option all round.



  4. Hi Fozzie58

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    All visitors and, (almost) all comments welcome.

    I'll have to go back Labrador way sometime in the not too distant future.