Thursday, July 12, 2007

Willcarry 1

Launch day for the new platform!

I've decided to call it Willcarry 1, after the aptly named Williams shipping barges.

Willcarry 1The picture shows Fred (on the right) and myself inspecting the platform immediately after it's launch.

Looking at the picture, Fred seems more concerned with his dirty hands than the performance of the new platform underfoot.

It's all ended up much more successful that I'd dared hope. The underside of the platform has been filled with two part polyurethane foam from Spray-Insulation, which is why it's so very buoyant.

This time I used foam that you simply mix up in a bucket and pour, rather than spray foam. It has the advantage of being much cheaper, and works better for an application like this.

After trying the platform out, I'd say it's far superior to the platform I had in Fareham, as it's lighter and more manoeuvrable. This can only make my life easier.

Using the rib for power, I can also use the platform as a barge, to bring heavy, or bulky, stuff backwards and forwards between Lady Jane and the shore.

According to Archimedes, the platform is capable of carrying over a tonne. Suddenly now anything's possible.

In the longer term, the platform is light enough to swing onto the front deck, so can go with us when we set of on a big adventure. Willcarry 1 can then serve as a swim or dive platform in warmer climes.

Special thanks to Chantel for coming down with her husband to help. This would not be the success it was without them. In due course, I'm sure Chantel will post more detail on the foam process at


  1. HI Tim

    Very impressed with the new platform I think we would all like one of those.Hull painting will be much less of a performance and now you have a handy barge as well .
    Also very interested that Sprayfoam will supply the foam in "loose"form .Do you mind me asking the cost?

    Regards ;Andrew

  2. Yea!

    That looks pretty spanky to me Tim.

    Well done. Again.


  3. Hi Andrew

    That foam was a few hundred quid in the end.

    Good value for my money I thought.



  4. Hi Bowiechick,

    That my platform looks similar to your dock is no co-incidence.

    You must take the credit for the original inspiration.



  5. For the record, I can't take ANY credit for the docks. I did absolutely nothing toward that dock design or any others for that matter. I didn't even pound a nail. I will pass it on however.

  6. Hi Bowiechick

    You did make that post, which started the ball rolling this side of the pond :-)

  7. Oh very well then.

    YEA ME!!

  8. That platform looks great!
    ALso a very good idea to use it as a swim/dive platform later on.