Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Primer on

After the Rustroy comes the primer. A first coat at least.

Primer onHere you see a shot along the port side, showing the progress with the primer so far.

The picture is quite deceptive, as it does not show any of the bow or stern sections which still need cleaning up.

Still, it's good to see progress in amongst the inclement weather we have been having.


  1. Will Carry one looks impressive I expected it to be a bit more unstable than it looks in the photo! Great effort!

  2. Hi Rob

    Just so as there is no confusion here, the platform you can see in the picture is the crane barge.

    I'm standing on Willcarry 1 though.



  3. As a Trawler owner Tim you may be interested in the "40+ Fishing Boat Association" . The web site doesn't do much but they produce a good magazine .
    Regards :Andrew