Thursday, July 19, 2007

Making things

Making thingsSo the cleats are finally made, despite the best efforts of the weather.

It's not really about the money, cleats are about ten quid ($20) each on eBay, it's simply the satisfaction of making the things exactly how I want them.

I've already got the bolts to attach the cleats to Willcarry 1, so after a lick of paint they'll be pressed into service.


  1. Hi Tim
    I know what you mean about making things yourself ,it gives you some deep sense of satifaction.
    Also changing the subject ,have a look at a web site Mike Smylie is a very interesting man .A huge authority on fishing boats and the industry
    Regards ; Andrew

  2. Yes and with the price of anchor being what they are and having a handy-dandy welder about we're considering making anchors too. Really, they aren't that complicated of a design to be so pricy.