Thursday, July 05, 2007

Engine room prep

Engine room prepLike some kind of strange disease, the red oxide primer is spreading in the engine room.

It's a tedious job, mostly done by Fred, but this preparation for painting in the engine room is nevertheless crucial for a lasting result.

I am so looking forward to white paint going onto the walls of the engine room. The place will be so much brighter as a result.


  1. How lovely to have an engine room that you can walk around in! most of those I come across including my current one are built just to house an engine!( or two) Any work on was never thought about in my opinion. at my size I need a padded chest and arms like a gibbon to do anything on most engines :o)) Boy is she going to look great when the bits are painted!

  2. My engine room is not as big as Tims by the look of it ,but you can wander around it and get at everything quite easily . And having a proper engine room is great because you feel you are in a real ship !! . This must be a man thing the ultimate toy.I think a lot of people would raise their eyes to the heavens and mutter things about us being a bit sad .But it keeps us happy.

    It's looking good Tim

  3. Hi Rob

    The engine room is praying for more rain!