Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Deck plates

There has been little let up in the wet, rainy weather. The engine room benefits though.

Deck platesI've finally got round to working on the task of securing the deck plates. This was abandoned in the rush to leave Fareham.

Initially I thought it would simply be a case of banging a couple of screws into the plates. With Lady Jane I should have known better.

Here you see the preparation for another deck plate to be screwed down.

I've had to lift each plate, clean up around where it seats, in some cases sort out the frame then find suitable places where the new screws can go into the underlying frame.

It's no real surprise that it's all taken far longer than originally expected.

There are still more plates left to do on another rainy day.


  1. Hi Tim

    When I think about it my engine room Chequer plates are all loose as well,they rattle and bang about a lot when walked on . It must be a common thing.
    I was having a look at the "Wanderbird" link on your blog ( I must work out how to do links)now that is a benchmark conversion really magnificent! she looks remarkably similar to the Lady Jane

    Regards ; Andrew

  2. Hi Andrew

    I used Hilti self drilling and tapping screws (really an 8mm hex head). You just screw them straight in with a drill.

    I found it helps to lubricate them with some cutting paste, to stop them jamming after drilling through the plate and the plate working it's way up the thread while still drilling the bracket.

    Yes the Wanderbird is a fine example of how it should be done!

    Her engine is the same as mine, with our engine numbers only a few apart.