Friday, June 15, 2007


Old platformI am really missing the platform I was using in Fareham, even though it caused me some problems occasionally.

The trouble is the crane barge is quite high out of the water, especially at the front, making it hard to work close to the waterline. In addition, Lady Jane is not so easy to manoeuvre relative to the barge, for reaching further along.

Fred suggested I see about getting the platform craned onto the Donald Redford and have them bring it round for me. Unfortunately I don't really see that as an option, besides the platform isn't mine anyway.

Inspired by Bowiechick's post, I'm now planning on building myself a floating platform from scratch.

I'm thinking some 4*2 for the frame, some 2*1 for internal struts and deck, and spray foam for buoyancy.

In terms of size, I'm thinking 4m by 2m (12ft * 6ft) should do it.

I think if I get the buoyancy just right, the platform will be perfect for working almost all the way to Lady Jane's waterline.


  1. dave l6:18 PM

    hook a platform onto the crane,

    Dave L

  2. Oh ya, that reminds me I meant to 'splain all that better. So much stuff going on and not enough time to blog. They've found a better way to build these cheaper and more efficently. They meaning Welder Dave and the lads here.

    They used recycled barrels and it is more time consuming and $$$. Dave found some FREE marine grad styrofoam and has a stock pile on shore presently.

    Just waiting on more dockbuilding as Dave had to go to Wales last week to deal with some personal matters and comes back Sunday.

    I've made a mental note to tend to that.

    Cheers, T

  3. Hi Dave

    The old platform doesn't belong to me.

    My new one will enable me to work all round Lady Jane safely.



  4. Hi bowiechick

    I'll go for spray foam underneath. It's not that expensive and is easy to do.