Tuesday, June 12, 2007


PaintingFinally, after all this time, some primer on the port side.

With so much white on Lady Jane, all I need is a big red cross and she could pass as a hospital ship.

I've still got one last hole to finish welding, but after that it should just be rust busting and painting to finish the port side.

It doesn't look that much but, based on my experience, I'm guessing it will take me a good few months to get that port side painted completely blue.


  1. Fred (WWR)3:20 AM


    This is probably a dumb queston, but how are you going to deal with the hull below the water line?

  2. Hi Fred

    Good to hear from you again.

    The only dumb questions are the one's not asked!

    She has to come out of the water to paint her bottom.

    I will have to have her lifted out of the water sometime soon.

    It's an expensive process, so I want to have a pile of cash saved up before I do it.

    Best regards


  3. michael john hardwick11:35 AM

    the old husbands slip is still in operation and would be just right for her, the sludge barge has just come off there,should be better price wise as well regards john

  4. Hi Tim
    I have got the same decision to make with the Strathspey she hasn't
    been slipped for three years and although the weed doesn't grow much up in Highland waters I am a little worried about the anodes,no rusting at the waterline though !!
    just wood rot.
    Regards :Andrew

  5. Fred (wwr)5:39 AM

    Here are a couple more Land Lubber questions. In reference to Andrew's comment, do I understand correctly, that hull rust is not a problem below the water line if the anodes are in good condition? The reason for having it lifted out is to remove the flora and fauna that tend to collect on the bottom plus painting?



  6. Hi John

    I have Husbands in mind. Maybe in the winter when I have more cash.

  7. Hi Andrew

    Good to hear from you.

    Staying on top of things is key.


  8. Hi Fred

    Sorry for the delay there.

    Anodes are the key to preventing rust below the waterline, that and a good couple of layers of protective paint.

    Lifting LJ out will enable me to replace my anodes, do the cleaning and painting etc.