Thursday, June 28, 2007

First steps

So the painting in the engine room has started.

Painting stepsThe first step is to put a couple of coats of primer onto all the patches of bare steel around the place.

You can see the first of the primer applied to the steps into the engine room.

Not that the steps were that rusty or anything, it just seemed like a good place to start. First steps and all that!

Plenty more to go yet.


  1. First steps :o)) Tee Hee! tight access past the fibreglass insulation though?

  2. So did you paint your way up or down and is this the only in or out to your engine room !!!
    There used to be a couple of other trawlers like the "Lady Jane" in the process of restoration ,one was the "Dawn Gem" and the other the "Admiral Jelicoe" have you ever seen them?