Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Busy river

 Busy riverHere is the Sand Weaver, a regular visitor to one of the wharves opposite where Lady Jane is moored.

She is a big vessel to manoeuvre so things must be tense on her bridge when she arrives on busy days. At times like these her arrival is often heralded by five blasts on her horn, warning small boats to stay clear.

The confusion arises when small boats try to stick to the correct side of the channel, to the starboard side of the river, not realising the Sand Weaver is intending to come alongside there.


  1. I guess that as you are mored up his sound sugnal isnt for your attention. ie " I dont understand your intentions?" I guess that somebody was getting in the way?

  2. I think I would act as a dreger and put the danger don`t pass this side balls up and then watch them trying to prosecute me in the courts when a pleasure craft hit me! :o))

  3. Hi Rob

    It seems to me that balls or no balls there's going to be tension.

    I suspect a big proportion of boaters won't even see, let alone know the significance of, balls flags or anything else shown by any other vessels.


  4. Thats for sure! I`m just thinking of the "what if" bits when in court on a manslaughter charge the juge asks what signals did you give etc? mind you the col regs are another thing, If all else fails get out of the way :o))

  5. Hi Tim
    When I come to move the Strathspey
    down South ,do you happen to know the availability of reasonable (Price and accessability)deep water moorings in your area.


  6. Hi Andrew

    No, sorry I'm afraid I don't. Have not needed to look.