Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It's happened!

Turned roundLady Jane has now been turned round, thanks to John, the skipper, who orchestrated the whole thing first thing on Saturday.

Fred, Patch and I have found the whole orientation thing quite unnerving. Suddenly everything's back to front. For example I have to walk towards the Itchen Bridge to get another rag, rather than away.

It's quite weird, even more strange than the feeling of everything being the same, but different, after arriving from Fareham.

Anyway, look at all that work that needs doing, I can hardly wait to get at it.


  1. Yea!!!

    You'll have it looking spanky in no time flat.

  2. Well I guess you had to turnt it around sooner or later, eh? lots of work to do but isn`t it worth it! its really coming togeather now!

  3. Hi Rob

    A long, long way to go yet.

    Satisfying stuff though.