Monday, May 14, 2007

There she is

There she isI've finally got around to taking a picture of dear old Lady Jane from the quay, after turning her around.

I now say, when chatting to the folks at the marina, "mine's the blue one, out there in the river".

You have no idea how good it feels to say that.


  1. Wow! that puts a whole new perspective on her she really looks great! are you thinking of a rig like Wanderbird?

  2. Rob

    So far I'm concentrating on dealing with what I have for now.

    When the money allows, I've got the fit out I started down below to finish and projects such as heating systems to focus on before the winter.

    There is also the small matter of gadgets (radar and depth finders etc) to deal with before thinking of extensions.



  3. I understand! I was just curious as to whether or not you would ever sail her? or in fact ever wish to do so! she is starting to look really good!

  4. Just a thought, one of the tugs I have been on lately runs a domestic house (oil) boilers with a wet rad systems and is very efficient it does need a 240 volt supply but I guess that an inverter could adequately provide this, when the genny isnt. I often spot good pre-used ones of these and radiators etc in such publications as Free adds etc. Just a thought

  5. Hi Rob

    A sail/sails are on the list somewhere, more as a getcha home than anything else at present.


  6. On the subject of heating, I'm considering a domestic style diesel burner, this will do me hot water as well as radiators.

    I found some interesting stuff in a narrowboat publication which I was given a while back.

    As you say, 240v to run the pumps etc., though that's not a problem for me with my wind powered generator and inverter.


  7. Hi again Tim! in fact, having checked with them, they use a 12/24 volt circulating pump so the genny/inverted only needs to power the burner ignition? and I wouldn`t be surprised if they couldn`t be operated/available in 12/24 volts. All worth a look I guess