Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A start

A startNow I have access to the port side, the rust busting can begin.

Here you see the first section, well underway.

Fred did the initial chipping, both above and below the rubbing strake you can see there, then I set about cleaning up the surface with a wire brush.

I've not got to cleaning up the remnants of rust below that strake yet, as too much else was going on at the time.

This is all so much easier than the starboard side though.


  1. You make it all look so easy!

  2. Just a series of small steps....lots of them!

  3. michael john hardwick10:26 PM

    if i get chance i will be up to check on those lines tomorrow and no i will not touch your precious paintwork,daddies yacht!!!!
    regards john

  4. Who was it said? "like good projects, great journeys start with but a single step" :o))

  5. michael john hardwick8:20 PM

    lines ok,that lilagina looks a bit sad with broken stern lines i never see anybody out there,see you soon regards