Thursday, May 03, 2007

Small thing

Small thingIt's a small thing, I know, but nevertheless important.

Here Fred has constructed a shelf to go on top of that plinth, remnants of the fishing gear that had been cut off by previous owners.

The idea is that the shelf will protect the paintwork from the heavy 'bits' being dragged across the handrail.

The sharp edges of the fuel tank for the rib has been the biggest culprit so far.

Looking at it, I see the shelf could benefit from having edges added, to prevent hungry Neptune from consuming smaller items which could otherwise roll off.


  1. Rick Miles3:45 PM

    Hey must know by now how true it is...that all these lettle things certainly do add up. Just to be able to look at an area of the vessel and be able to see a small accomplishment rather than an endless view of "need to do's' That certainly helps us when the big projects are rolling. So long for now pal...just a few more weeks and we're off for Labrador

  2. Labrador.

    I'm looking forward to the pictures and stories yo will be bringing back.

    If you need an engineer for a portion of your trip, I could be very tempted!



  3. How about this for a tender?
    As if you haven`t got enough to do :o))

  4. I bet the sellers would not like to see me appear with my chipping hammer (just to test that hull thickness)!

  5. Thats for sure! I can dream though,