Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Another wet, windy weekend has meant that progress on Lady Jane has been slow, but at least not nonexistent.

ScuppersI've not managed to make any progress on the painting of the port side at all though.

The next task will be to cut round the last of the rusted through holes to good steel, then fill in the resulting hole with new plate.

While I have the burning gear out, and before painting anything, I'll also have a go at freeing up the two seized scuppers on the port side. They are supposed to swing freely, allowing seawater to flow off the deck through them.

You can see the marks where I've been beating them with progressively bigger and bigger hammers, but to no avail.

The scuppers design prevents waves from coming back in through the sides, as they should close easily with the force of the wave.

At this stage, I'm not sure if they are simply painted shut, or if rust is the issue. In any event, heating those hinges up to cherry red will resolve the problem.

I have one scupper further forward that looks like it may need replacing completely due to the rust. I'll make that decision once I have it cleaned up a little better though.

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