Friday, May 11, 2007

More holes

More holesThe port side has a few holes that need to be dealt with before painting starts in earnest.

The left part of the picture shows new steel being cut to fill the holes, while the images on the right show the most troublesome of the holes (they are not terribly big).

It's easy to see, from the top right image, why I'm so keen to get any welding done before starting to paint, as the process of cutting and welding makes such a mess of any paintwork.

It is true to say of the starboard side that in places the paint is thicker than the steel plate.

Hopefully, once I'm done with welding these new patches in place, the same cannot be said of the port side.


  1. No problem if its above the water line! just a PITA having got it looking nice! (Stb side that is)

  2. it looks like natural "erosion" from the bolts on an otterboard the fourth one not coming anywhere near the hull?

  3. Hi Rob

    The holes in the sides in the top right are from the sides rusting, as a result of a dent there at some point. Also this is where a hook for the chain to hold up the deck sluices was.

    The hole in the bottom right picture are where water has laid against the sides at deck level. This is a few inches from the hull itself, as there is a seam of concrete about four inches thick there.

  4. Ah! so it was basically mechanical damage originally and not poor build/steel quality/ electrolysis etc! so not much to worry about other than the repairs.