Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First stanchion done

First stanchion doneWell, that's the first one done...

The toughest part was the initial cutting of the hole in the deck. I was committed then.

The steps you see in the picture are:

  • Cut a hole in the deck, back to good steel

  • Grind the edges of the hole for subsequent welding

  • Cut and grind a plate to fit the hole

  • Cut the footer plate from a template I made (Thanks Rob)

  • Weld the new steel into the hole

  • Tea break, to let the steel cool

  • Check for defects/leaks

  • Weld in the stanchion (straight as possible)

  • Weld in the new footer plate

  • Weld the stanchion to the footer plate

  • Paint primer on the whole lot to prevent rust from setting in

  • That's the first time I've tried doing anything like that, so am quite pleased with the results. It did take almost all day though.

    Although the welds on that one are fine, I'm intending that the welding on the next one will look a lot smoother.

    Six more to go...


    1. 6 to do! Brilliant job! the welding looks good and strong, but is it watertight? I bet it is! Well done Tim I wish I could weld as well as that now!

    2. YOU ROCK! Nice job, Tim ~ I'm very impressed. J

    3. Anonymous9:13 PM

      gas cutting?

    4. Hi Rob

      Yes - watertight.

      That's the white stuff in the bottom left image - the crack detector developer.



    5. Hi Jamie & Greg

      A long way to go yet!


    6. Hi Anonymous

      Yup - Oxy/propane.

      I'm getting better and better at neat cuts with it.

    7. Your going to hate me! I just had a thought (Oh no! do I hear? :o))) just suppose some nice people are walking around your deck in the sunshine, enjoying their after noon cooling drink and they spot a herd of Dolphins everyone runs to the rail and those with bare feet in there hurry to get to where the dolphins are for a better look, trip on the triagular support bracket? Ouch! May be just the job for fishermen with wellies and hard soles but??????? could they be switched to the outer side of the stauncheons ? I know you have done one but you will get faster and gain any time you may have lost ajusting the bracket? :o))sooorrrrry! I know! they should look where they are going!

    8. Hi Rob

      That's the whole reason I have the boat - to get away from people like that!



    9. Sorry Rob?

      I was thinking of the litigious public and the legal consequences of the stanchion supports the 'wrong' way round.

      That front deck will eventually have non skid paint on it, which would mean no bare feet, as it would be too rough underfoot.

      Safe though.