Friday, May 25, 2007

Disappearing holes

I've now welded the patches into the side of Lady Jane, to repair the holes which have rusted through.

I'm quite proud of the result:
Disappearing holes
The first step was to 'tack' the new piece in place.

The plate is then welded in, all the way around on both sides.

Everything is ground flush, so the repair job effectively becomes invisible. If my welding skills were on a par with Robin's - I would probably leave the neat welding for people to admire.

Finally the primer, to keep the rust at bay until I can get to cleaning up and re-painting the entire area properly.

There is one more patch that I've found needing repair, then after that, so far as I know, the port side of Lady Jane is all good steel.


  1. I am quite glad my Trawler is made of wood !!! Although I hav'nt tackled the paintwork yet.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for the comment.

    Wood has it's own challenges!