Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clean, fresh water

While on the subject of fresh water conservation.

The recent, and continuing, rains had me thinking about using rainwater for general washing and cleaning, saving the boats main water supply even more.

Fresh waterFirst off, I got a water butt and immediately tried filling it from water off of the front deck. While this worked efficiently, unsurprisingly, the water I collected is just too dirty to use for anything.

My next move will be to build a plinth for the water butt to stand on, then set about filtering the rainwater I'm collecting.

I'm thinking that Brita filters connected to the pipework somehow (probably with duct tape) will do the job with the least hassle.

I'm not after drinking water, just clean water for washing hands and stuff on the boat, so the filters should last for ages.

When it doesn't rain I could augment this supply with water brought across from the marina, if need be. That way my main water tank is kept clean and healthy, with no risk of contamination, and I have plenty of clean washing water.

Of course the best thing is for me to travel more with Lady Jane, and use the on board water maker I'm planning to buy, or fill up at places we stop in at.

Reality check - we are going nowhere until that port side is painted!


  1. Onboard boats during long trips water is subsidised by utilizing the rain off such things as the sail or a deck surface. to get "clean" water it is usual to clean the deck or sail surface of all salt water before collecting any rain! so any water collecting designated area should be (as far as possible, kept clear of dirt bird droppins and cleaned on a regulat basis. alternately a clean plastic sheet set up with a funnel "sown" in the middle with a pipe attached to the tank and four or six eyes in the corners and edges with the amount of rain we get (????) setting it ap when rain looks imminent may be a possibility> what do you think?

  2. michael john hardwick10:25 PM

    drink beer!!

  3. :o)) thats 4 sure! but then we`d have to eat apples and then who know`s what would happen

  4. Bobbing for apples?

  5. Thats me Bobbin Robbin :o))