Monday, May 21, 2007


I've been welding, no surprise there.

Welding on the side of Lady Jane is a lot tougher than welding on the flat. It's when you try to do things yourself that you appreciate how good a pro like Robin really is.

The molten metal of the weld has a habit of running away, downhill, making welding new plate into the side a bit challenging.

AshtrayAnyway, by way of reassuring myself I really can weld, I decided to craft myself an 'ashtray' from bits of angle iron I've got lying about, the angle iron happens to be the remnants of the first workbench.

That sucker is not going to fall apart anytime soon!

Anyway, there is a real purpose for the 'ashtray', I've been meaning to do something about this for a while, it's to collect the tail ends of the used welding rods.

Like so many cigarette butts, they seem to litter the place and elude even the most diligent efforts to get them all cleaned up.

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