Friday, May 18, 2007

Arklow Rock

The recent wet, windy, weather has meant progress on Lady Jane has been slow to non existent.

OK, I know I could have worked down below on cleaning and painting the engine room, but ...

Arklow RockThe weather also cuts back on the river traffic quite significantly, though most of the commercial traffic continues.

Here you see the Arklow Rock easing herself down the river Itchen (taken a while ago).

I see from the internet that her namesake is in trouble.

There has been a distinct lack of dredgers alongside so I presume, like the Donald Redford, the adverse weather also keeps them idle.


  1. Hi Tim wasnt the donald redford the artic support vessel?? maybe not! I spoke with a couple of boiler manufacturers with general enquiries and one came back with the burner current requirements wgich are as follows also the pump amount too

    Hi Rob

    The burner motor is 90 Watts, 2.6A starting current, 0.85A running current.Allow the same for the circulating pump.


    I hope this helps

  2. Great, thanks Rob.

    I note that as the boat gets more 'civilised', so I need more and more power.

    At this rate, I'll have to get myself some solar panels to augment the wind generator.

  3. Oh I almost forgot

    The Donald Redford is a dredger, the crew of which I got to know, as she was a regular visitor to supply the Lafarge yard in Fareham.