Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Touch up

Touch upThe plan is to get going rust busting and painting on the port side as soon as possible.

Before work on the port side can start, I need to turn Lady Jane around, so she is facing down the river.

Turning Lady Jane will have to wait until the starboard side has been touched up.

The touch up work is well under way, hence the patchwork quilt effect you see.

I'll also set about getting a second coat of blue onto the starboard side.

I really miss the convenience of the platform I was using, that crane is not going to be easy for me to move relative to Lady Jane.


  1. Would it help to mix some of the same white paint in blue into the touch up white paint to make it easier to cover with the finish? just a thought keep it a slightly light blue so you can see where its needed? perhaps I should mind my own business :o)) just trying to be helpful. :o(( :o))

  2. Hi Rob

    I'm using Hempel 2 part epoxy for both the undercoat and the finish.

    The undercoat and finish are completely different types of paint, even the thinners is different, so mixing the two won't work.

    Good idea though. I had been thinking of using two different colours of Hempel primer, as it can be hard to tell what's been painted and what's not on second and subsequent coats.



  3. Richyhem12:47 PM

    Hi Tim,
    From all on the Donald Redford.
    We can just about see Lady Jane as we pass under the Itchen bridge to berth at Woolston.
    Missing you at Fareham. Unfortunately we don't stay long enough at Woolston for sunday dinner. :-(

  4. michael john hardwick10:17 PM

    she looked good today from down river tim you give me a shout when you are ready and i will turn her around for you.nigel reckons the rails look far better so i had better get myself some white duck trousers and poncy deck shoes or you wont let me onboard. regards john

  5. Hi Richard, and all on the Donald Redford

    I've seen you coming and going at Woolston from time to time, but have not had a radio licence to legally hail you.

    That was fixed last week, so I'll give you guys a shout when I next see you, and possibly drop by for some coffee.



  6. Hi John

    Sorry I missed you last week.

    It won't be too long before I'm done tidying up the starboard side.

    Hopefully the weather will continue to be kind.