Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Straightening rails

Straightening railsThis recent fine weather has been an excellent opportunity to get up on that front deck and straighten those bent rails.

Based on the comments I've had, I know more than one reader will be pleased that I've finally got around to doing this.

The rail work is in preparation for finishing rust busting and painting the front deck itself.

Straightening those rails is not as easy as you may think.

The bent rails need to be cut off and straightened, after heating the bent bit to cherry red. They then need to be cut back to length, as they stretch with bending.

After the lengths have cooled, the ends must then be ground, so they can be welded back in properly.

The picture shows the gaps in the rails where they've been cut out for straightening.

Sadly, the really bent top rail at the bow will need to wait a while, as it's going to need a pipe bender and some serious effort to sort out.


  1. mjhardwick7:25 PM

    those rails were bent before she left,i swear

  2. You are really there now aren`t you? just the niggly jobs to do now? Oh! and the bottom! The reformed rails will make so much difference (especcially to me :o)) ) You must now feel that you are just beginning to approach the homebound stretch?
    Love the skippers comment too!Hee hee

  3. Rob

    The objective for the rest of the year is to get all the rust dealt with, interior and exterior.

    There is a long way to go with that, let alone the refurbishment inside.

    I'm also aiming at getting central heating installed before next autumn, so I have a warm, dry boat in the winter.

    The list of things to do is too long to even contemplate!