Monday, April 02, 2007

High as a kite

High as a kiteWith it being cold and windy, it's just not been practical to do much of anything, except mess about.

The newly discovered Sotonmet website archives show an average wind speed of over 22 knots for both Saturday Sunday (thanks Richard).

Here you see Pat struggling to control my capricious kite from Lady Jane's back deck.

The kite been kicking around, unused, in the fish hold for some time now. All things considered, it's survived the last couple of years pretty well.

This kite needs a pretty stiff breeze to stay up, so no problems there then.

The reaction of other folk going by in their boats, from amusement to simply ignoring us, was interesting.


  1. I have a 5 metre kite that would lift you off your feet and send you off out across the solent!

    Like the project! I live near Northam bridge so I'll keep an eye out across the water! Might even kayak past one day!

  2. Thanks Moneypot.

    Your comment reminds me of the idea of a big kite, flown really high, to help power ships across the world's oceans.