Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fire fighting tug

Fire Fighting TugTowards the end of the day, I happened to look down beyond the Itchen bridge and saw this fire fighting tug strutting it's stuff in Southampton water.

There must be a tremendous amount of power behind those jets of water

I've no idea why the spray, a practice of some sorts? Nothing showed up on any Internet searches I did.

I knew that by the time I got the rib fired up and went down to investigate it would all be over. Sure enough, just minutes later the show was over.


  1. At least in the US anyway, often this is a display of ceremony of sorts. It could be retirement of a firefighter or something else. The also do a similar ceremony when an airline pilot retires - the airport firefighting trucks come out and hose down the plane on the retiree's last trip to the terminal. Two years ago during a US Sailing Championship, they lit up one of the fire fighting boats like this as we entered the harbor after the last day of racing. It's was a really great show!

  2. Actually it rather looks like the resultand smoke from my engines when I start them up after the winter :o))

  3. They could also be just testing the equipment too.

  4. Hi all

    Who knows, it's interesting to speculate though.


  5. mjhardwick8:25 AM

    tim, the tug in question was probably welcoming a new liner to the port which is a long standing tradition at southampton.also because all of the tugs are fitted with monitors they have to be tested at regular intervals.so having put that one to bed would you please get back to the painting.regards john.

  6. Hi John,

    Thanks for that.

    Back to the real work then.