Thursday, April 26, 2007

Days end

It's probably the warm, still evenings when I like being on Lady Jane best at the moment.

Days endOk, I know the background could be a dramatic sunset over an iceberg in Labrador, or some other similar natural wonder.

It will happen sometime...

No matter, I'm here on the Itchen and loving it.

Once all the manic daytime traffic has died down, the place can be quite peaceful.

Nothing like sitting on deck with Pat in the warmth of the evening sunlight, along with a barbecue emitting mouth watering aromas and a cold beer or two to hand.


  1. Rick and Karen Miles7:57 PM

    Ahhh yes Mr. Zim. We can picture that now...ahhh you got it just right.......our best to you and Pat and yes, one day Lady Jane and Wanderbird will cruise together.

  2. The world is our oyster!

  3. There is plenty of industrial "ugliness" where we are at but there is plenty of beauty should one choose to see it.

    It is a very pretty picture and looks quite serene to me.

    You're getting there!

  4. I really like the bustle around me, though it can be noisy at times.


  5. Well, the peace and quiet in Labrador may be nice, but a view like that on a warm, silent evening seems priceless too. Glad to hear that you have nice experiences between all the hard work :)

  6. Hi Rik

    Thanks for that.