Friday, March 16, 2007

TLC for the rib

TLC for the ribNow that Lady Jane has been moved safely, I've had the time to give the rib a bit of, overdue, tender loving care.

The tlc is in the form of a bilge pump, pretty much essential now that the rib is to be used more regularly.

I used to rely on bailing when the rib was alongside, or draining the rib through drain pipes when the rib was on the move.

For shuttling between Lady Jane and the marina, I'm already finding the rib sooo much better than my small inflatable, Baby Jane, ever was.

When I was using Baby Jane, my bottom invariably ended up soggy, plus any gear I was shifting had to be stashed carefully, so it didn't get wet.

The rib can also comfortably carry so much more, something passengers will have cause to be grateful for.

I suppose issues like running out of petrol through sheer forgetfulness is still bound to occur, pity that, as the rib is so much harder to paddle than Baby Jane ever was.


  1. How about a small well fixed photovoltaic cell to keep the battery topped up! and a hidden can of petrol for surprise use? Oh! also a solar powered led garden light to help you to find her when you are on your way back from the restaurant (I meant Pub really????) :o)) thanks for the acknowledgement by the way!

  2. Hi Rob

    More work!!

    The solar cell sounds good though.