Monday, March 26, 2007

Southampton small boats head

Southampton small boats headSaturday proved quite interesting, as in the afternoon what seemed like hundreds of rowing boats suddenly started streaming by Lady Jane.

At first it did not seem to be a race, as all sorts of different sizes of boats were coming down at the same time. The various crews did seem to be trying rather hard though, so it must have been.

Some research on the internets shows this was the Southampton Coalporters Southampton Small boats head.

Looking at the results sheet, it's now obvious that they were all racing against the clock, rather than each other.

Small boats head 2Here's the reason the Mens Nov 2x #26 Christchurch D posted a dnf (did not finish).

I felt vaguely guilty about this for two reasons, first I suspect I may have distracted them, causing a tangle with that bouy, as there were no other obvious spectators moored out in the middle of the river taking photographs, and second for photographing them upturned in the water and not immediately rushing to their aid.

Sorry guys.

Nothing I could do about the first, and I could see a safety boat was promptly on it's way. Certainly rescue was faster than the time it would have taken me to unchain and start the rib anyway.

I say well done to one and all, especially the safety boat crew/marshalls as it was a cold, windy day to be out there doing anything at all.


  1. Well done Tim I bet they were glad to see you inspite of the late arrival of the "safety boat" If I was the parent of either one Its the safety boat crew and the club`s ass that I would kick for no lifejackets and lax safety. I guess that you will see a lot of this sort of thing where you are situated ? lets hope they all have some form of safety cover no matter how lax it is. I wouldnt bank on it! what a good job you were about! take care!

  2. Hopefully that was the last of that type of incident by LJ.


  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    We second that well done Tim.!
    Your frinds in Maine!

  4. I'm just pleased things worked out well.

  5. Fred (WWR)11:52 AM

    It is fortunate for them that you had to move the Lady Jane to her present mooring. Don't they have a law requiring life jackets in the UK?

    I was given a warning ticket by a Fisheries Officer for being in a sea kayak with a wet suit on and and no jacket, and You know how hard it is to sink in one of those without a weight belt. I did have one on board, but not on my body. He actually stopped me because he thought I was poaching lobster :)

  6. Great job saving those girls, Tim!

    Great writing down of the experience too, it read like an exiting book. :D